With Men And Their Fashion Choices, École Wants To Wear The Pants In The Relationship

With Men And Their Fashion Choices, École Wants To Wear The Pants In The Relationship

Interesting article, but my sartorial needs are quite simple. So glad I work at a place where I can wear pretty much anything I want.


Men’s fashion is a growing industry, with traditional retailers and startups alike offering more diverse product and delivering that product in new ways. The latest startup to join the new herd of up-and-comers catering to men and their sartorial needs is École, which launches today out of New York.

First and foremost, École is a shopping experience that helps men make purchasing decisions when buying clothing.

The idea is that men want a quick and painless shopping experience and some men want additional feedback on the outfits they like, to ensure that everything matches and that those pants will go with those shoes, etc. In fact, just last night I got into a long discussion with a friend about whether or not he was wearing the right jeans to go with hightop sneakers (he wasn’t), so anecdotally, the demand for something like this is there.

École takes items from one…

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Blogging 101 and Photo 101 start Monday

Blogging 101 and Photo 101 start Monday

Hmm, I should sign up for this. I’m trying to resurrect this blog, and we’ve started a blog where I work.

The Daily Post

The next session of Blogging U. begins Monday, with Blogging 101 and Photography 101. Learn more about each course, see how Blogging U. works, and register!

And you'll get a badge! Who doesn't love a badge?

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero
March 2 – 20

Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size blogging tasks to kickstart a new or dormant blog. You’ll walk away with a stronger focus, several published posts, a handful of drafts, a theme that reflects your personality, a small (but growing!) audience, a grasp of blogging etiquette — and a bunch of new friends. Build blogging habits and connections to keep you going over the long haul!


Photography 101: A Photo a Day
March 2 – 27

Photography 101 helps you hone your photographer’s eye. This four-week, intro-level course is open to all, from new bloggers to hobbyist photographers to pro-shooters. Each weekday, we’ll give you a new photography theme and tip — we might share advice on composition, working with different light sources, or image editing — and the community…

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