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Over at the Obsidian Learning site, I’ve published a white paper on the model of distributed learning we use with our clients. This was quite a fun little paper to write, almost like being back in grad school writing my dissertation, but not nearly as intense (or expensive!).

My dissertation was published in 2012, so I had to update my research on social learning and mobile technologies to include the literature published since then, in itself an interesting task. The paper is rather theoretical (but does include a couple of case studies), so I envision several other papers or blog postings to expand on the ideas I presented, such as:

  • techniques for optimizing social presence in online learning
  • practical tips for designing and implementing a distributed solution
  • methods for using the various learning solutions (for example, how do you actually design a community of practice?)
  • getting xAPI into the mix. This technology has immense potential for connecting formal learning, informal learning, social learning, and personal learning networks.

I simplified Moore’s Transactional Distance theory a bit (didn’t discuss the learner autonomy dimension), so I need to dig a bit more into the relationship of autonomy and the online learning experience.

At any rate, the full paper is here: Distributed Learning: A flexible learning model for a global economy

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!


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