Posted by on February 19, 2016

As any university librarian will tell you, academic journals are expensive. Last year, Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, issued a statement of support for a group of editorial staff members who had resigned from Lingua (a general linguistics journal) in protest of the pricing practices of Elsevier, a prominent publisher of scholarly journals.

Partially in response to the costliness of journal subscriptions, as well as to give authors greater control over the distribution of their own writing, open access publishing of peer-reviewed scholarly journals is on the rise.

While as an alumnus of Capella University I have access to several academic databases, as an independent scholar (that is, not affiliated with a university), I have found great value in open access journals. Here are four journals I regularly consult:

Of course, this list is but the tip of the iceberg of open access journals in open, distance, and distributed learning. What else should I be reading?



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