Posted by on February 23, 2016

It looks like I’ll be attending the AACE E-Learn conference this year. This is exciting, because I haven’t been to an academic conference since ED-MEDIA back in 2010, where I presented my brief paper on instructional design, ethics, and the digital divide. That one was in Toronto in the Summer, an absolutely wonderful time to be in Toronto. This year it’s in DC in the Fall, perhaps not such a wonderful time to be in DC, but at the least the election will already have happened.

I have until June 15 to submit a presentation proposal, and I think I’m going to go for a full paper this time. Still brainstorming topics, but here are a couple of initial ideas:

  • I’ve never actually presented my dissertation research (other than my defense, of course). I finished that in 2012, so maybe it’s a bit late?
  • With some data collection and analysis, the white paper on distributed learning I wrote for Obsidian Learning might work. Rather than attempting to turn this into a full paper, though, I might work with my colleagues to do this as a Products / Services showcase or presentation.

Thoughts? If you’ll be at the conference, I’d love to connect with you.


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